Self-Organizing Molecules In Cells

Photo by Landon Arnold on Unsplash
This paper blew my mind.
Jacques Loeb’s (1920) article describing the impact ionic charge and valency has on water diffusion through a membrane (published in The Journal of General Physiology, 20;2(4):387–408).
Graphs generated by Jacques Loeb’s experiments (1920) showing how the initial rate of diffusion through a membrane increases with increasing valency of the anion of the electrolyte. The membrane through which the water diffused was also negatively charged, like the anion of the electrolyte.
A neuronal synapse. Original Text: “This is a diagram of a typical central nervous system synapse. The presynaptic and postsynaptic neuron are on top and bottom. Mitochondria are light green, receptors dark green, postsynaptic density is in grey, Brown pyramids represent protein clusters composing the active zone, cell adhesion molecules are brown rectangles, synaptic vesicles are tan spheres, endoplasmic reticulum is the tan structure on the bottom left.” From Wikimedia Commons: Original drawing by Curtis Neveu.
Luminescent molecular aggregates — example of pseudoisocyanine J-aggregates in aqueous solution. From Wikimedia Commons: original work by Oleksa.Sorokin



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Roksana Khalid

Roksana Khalid

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