The fantastic phenomenon of liquid-liquid phase separation.

Edited by: Nikolina Djuric

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It is always fascinating to see how one foundation of a person’s understanding, whether in science or any other field, can so drastically experience a paradigm shift with a new perspective. I personally began this paradigm shift through an article in the Journal of Neuroscience (Vol. 41, Issue 5) published on February 3rd, 2021.

A bond with a robot would be nonjudgmental, objective, and data-driven.

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Generally speaking, most people do not know what another person’s needs are without dedicating extensive time and energy to figure them out.

Then, there are particular demographics of people such as the ageing population, people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, victims of disasters or trauma, and so many others. These people are particularly vulnerable without a solid social network to fall back on when situations are too complex or intense for one person to handle by themselves.

What do you do when things are out of control?

You turn to…

The activities of neurons tap into physics very quickly.

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It seems that time is simply a thing clocks measure but for a biologist, its most profound value is in the observations of sequentially occurring events. On microscopic scales, the timing of events directs all of animal (including human) behavior.

By looking at the relationships of massive things we understand gravity. The Sun pulls the Earth.

By evaluating the reactions of tiny molecules to an electrical current, we can understand something noteworthy about timing.

And I am forever grateful to be mixed race.

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My story is that I was born in 1991 in Zaporozhye, Ukraine, the same year that the Soviet Union fell apart.

My mother is Ukrainian and my father is Pakistani. They met in the medical institute in the Soviet Ukraine, fell in love, and started a family. By the time I was born they also had another baby, my older brother. Things were looking and feeling comfortable.

In the 80’s the Soviet Union had many programs for enhancing the world’s perception of it. That is how my father ended up in…

Good health gives you the opportunity to develop into a good person but it is not what makes you a good person.

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Since the beginning of this year I have been walking down the road of personal development. I did over 200 hours of research into this topic by reading about it, talking to people, and generally observing the behaviors of others on similar paths.

I now realize that what people are often talking about when it comes to personal development is actually just healthcare.

I switched up my diet, I trained to wake up early in the morning and…

Roksana Khalid

I’m curious about the human experience | PhD in Neuroscience | Instagram: neuro_roksana

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